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Struggling To Scale Your Facebook Ads Past 6 Figures?

  • ROAS drops every time you raise the budget?

  • Nothing working even after testing everything?

  • Wasting all your time in the ad manager?

  • Unsure what to do?

Our Proven Solution

Phase 1:


We perform a thorough analysis of your business that helps us identify the barriers preventing your business from expanding and achieving greater success.

Phase 2:

Strategic Planning

We put together a clear delivery plan that sets out a timeline and what results you can expect at each stage.

Phase 3:


We create the first round of ads using our proven ad creation process. After being approved by you, we will launch them. This phase is all about gathering important data.

Phase 4:


Once we have established well-performing variables, we will start optimising and improving the successful ads from the testing phase and then begin scaling towards hitting your revenue goals.

Why Elipse Digital?

Our teams ONLY priority is getting you results.

Our team has the best in the industry media buyers, copyrighters and a specialized creatives team.

We handle the whole advertising process, from top to bottom, for you.

Facebook is ever-changing, we make sure to do what is working best at the time.

We work with Facebook, not against it!

Our strategy involves reverse engineering the process to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook Makes money

We understand if we make Facebook more money, they will reward us with more money

Meaning we can have an evergreen relationship with them

But how exactly do we do that?

Facebook makes money through data

They get more data through people spending more time on the app, and they get people to spend more time by making the best customer experience

So we use CBO paired with broad targeting to strengthen their algorithm

Broad Targeting ONLY

Facebook WANTS you to go broad!

How do we know this?

  • Interests are removed every month

  • No more wasting budget on audience testing

  • 1/3 of people in an audience are there because they DON'T like it

  • You can see the audiences that you are in, none of them are accurate!

  • Higher scaling potential

  • No longer limiting the algorithm

  • Higher level of focus on what moves the needle

  • More consistent results over time (No more audience burn out)

So then how do we target our ICP?

By making copy and creatives that resonate with our ICP's Desires!


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